Casa Romantica Tree Trimming 6-2012

Casa tree trimming 06.2012

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Thankyou Patricia for your response and follow-up. We’ll look forward to the results and as we discussed, our facility is available at any time for viewing progress on the thinning procedure. Feel free to call me anytime re this. Regards, John Sullivan, Reefgate HOA


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Hello John,

I’m glad we were able to talk about the Casa Romantica’s plans for the Monterey cypress trees.  About a week and a half ago Casa board members Mike Evans and Guy Varriano, and staff members Jenifer Finley and myself, met with Dennis Reed from the City and Rod Rodriguez of Rod’s Tree Service.  We discussed a two phase plan for thinning the trees along our shared border.  Phase I will be to thin all trees on the North side and remove three to four cypress trees and one eucalyptus tree identified by the Casa and City.  For Phase II we will accept your offer to assess views from various common areas and private units to see what further work may need to be done.  While we cannot promise that all views will be fully restored, we intend to make a good faith effort to address Reef Gate’s view concerns.
As of now we expect to start the pruning in early to mid-June, as soon as Rod’s Tree Service has finished its City contract job to trim eucalyptus trees in south San Clemente.  Be advised that San Clemente City does not permit trees to be topped as this has been found to be detrimental to their health and stability.  When the first phase is complete, I will notify you and we’ll get together to evaluate the results and arrange for Phase II site visits at Reef Gate.  If there is any significant change to this process or timeline I’ll let you know.  I’ll be the main point of contact for you and City staff, so don’t hesitate to email or call me at my home number where I’ll be temporarily until my husband heals from a broken femur. 
Kind regards,
Patricia Holloway, M.C.P.
Associate Director
(949) 498-2139 x 22 / (949) 361-1911 (h)
Casa Romantica Cultural Center & Gardens
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San Clemente, CA  92672

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